Three siblings, Lydia, Peter and Spot, are stuck in their attic, and they don’t know why.

Though the three characters onstage are children, this play isn’t for kids. It tackles metaphysical themes, flashes back to the relationship between the parents, and has a dark feeling throughout.

The play looks at the effects of mental illness on a family. Two of the actors playing siblings also double the parents as the children flash back to their memories of the previous days. The play is extremely effective in showing children dealing with issues far beyond their years. That innocent lens makes it all the more heartbreaking.

The design evoked almost a 1930s era feel, with old trunks and knee socks. It was refreshing to see children talk about apple slices and rocking chairs, not Miley Cyrus and iPods. The timelessness allowed you to focus on the emotions at hand.

All around, very good.