Dog Sees God

Lucy Plays With Fire

Gone are the days of the innocent line drawing of the Peanuts. Snoopy is dead, and all of the gang has gone through puberty and everything that goes with it. Charlie’s still depressed, though.

The play is written by Bert V. Royal, who also penned this year’s Easy A.

The play focuses on how the relationships between the gang have evolved in the throws of teenagehood and the turbulence of those changes. Occasionally, the play moves on a bit quickly. At first, I couldn’t keep track of who was who  – the names are different – but mid-play I was clear.

The onstage relationships were very well-developed. Now and then I had a hard time understanding the actors, but I was the back of the Victoria Events Centre. That probably affected my ability to hear, but there were some clarity of speech issues.

Overall, I really did enjoy the play. It was interesting to see where the characters were, and to see the Peanuts tackle sex, homophobia and drinking.

Thu Sep 2, 7:30
Sat Sep 4, 6:15
Sun Sep 5, 2:15

Venue 5, Victoria Event Centre