Public Confessions of a Public Servant

Public servant by day, spoken word artist by night … Missie Peters is here to tell you how to have fun at work.

Public Confessions takes you on a journey in the life of a public servant. Going from ministry to ministry, from acronym to acronym, Peters marries the life of a poet and the work of a public servant together beautifully.

I especially enjoyed the romantic thread she kept throughout the play. My companion later said that her heart melted a little more each time we heard about the romance developing between Missie and Dave (Morris, that is, who has his own show in the Fringe). And she’s not usually one to be melty like that. I really loved the romance between Missie and a certain news anchor, but I don’t want to spoil that.

There’s a universality to her writing that makes it really accessible. Even if you’ve never worked for government, you’ve had the bosses that she’s had. You’ve felt like a drone in a massive hive of other worker bees. And you’ve surfed the internet more than you should. Missie’s work is spoken word for people who think they don’t like spoken word: you don’t know it’s poetry until it’s over, because it all makes sense.

My advice: see this show, and get there early.

– G

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