Love Songs for Future Girl

Disclaimer: this review comes with some naughty words. And some Canadian music references.

First show of the Fringe, and I’ve got to say, what a charmer. Zack Adams is in our fair city, post-breakup and post-ginger beard. And it’s a good thing he’s here.

Tour mishaps,a sweetly nerdy childhood  and teenage awkwardness …  Zack Adams takes us on a tour of his romantic past.

It’s a concert/monologue show, and he succeeds well at balancing the humor with the sincerity of his subject. This reminded me a lot of the Joel Plaskett Emergency’s Ashtray Rock album (clicky here for a sample). Adams and Plaskett both have a way of mixing something bittersweet with being very cheeky. And there’s always something deeper going on, if you peek just under the laughter.

I even had the honor of being serenaded with the word “pubes”.  It was a magic moment.

And he pretty much charmed the pants – oh, yes the pants – off the audience.

I recommend this one for sure. Zack Adams give you a story that’s relatable, smart, and hopeful. And with darned good music to boot.

His website’s right here. Click up top for the Victoria Fringe website to find out more!

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