Spitting in the Face of the Devil

People had been telling me to see this show for awhile. Usually, I find when people are suggesting something to me and have that wide-eyed sincerity that begs at me to go, I find myself somewhat compelled and somewhat skeptical. I’ve been seeing a lot of tweets about this show, so I decided to check it out.

And having seen Bob Brader’s Spitting, I’m not kidding you. You must see this show.

We hear first that Brader’s father is dead of a heart attack. “When I heard that the Devil was dead,” he says, “I felt nothing.”

Brader takes us back into his family history, giving us a brief geneology and then into his childhood home.

His monologue, often dipping into the characters of his mother, father and friends, guides you inside the walls of a very troubled home.  I’m being vague on purpose so as not to spoil the show for you, as again, you must see this show.

The folks directly behind me were slow to settle at first, fussing with their jackets and phones. And within two minutes, he’d sucked them in and they were silent, like the rest of the audience.

The show is at times funny and sweet. But the range of emotions you are brought through as Brader transitions in the narrative from boyhood to growing up will enrage you, move you and astound you.

Spitting in the Face of the Devil broke my heart in the way good theatre should.

Again, I’m not kidding: you must see this show.

Spitting in the Face of the Devil  plays at St. Ann’s Academy Auditorium.

Click here for Bob Brader’s website for Spitting.



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