Opening Night at Fringe Fest

I kicked off Fringe Fest with two plays down at the Fairfield Hall. The first was The Celtic Cross, a story of two best friends caught in the middle of political conflict in Northern Ireland. The play is set in the 1990s and focused on a friendship between a Protestant and a Catholic each just trying to protect the people that they love.

The play deals with some heavy themes. Besides emphasizing the conflict and trying to bring an honest light to what happened, I think the main theme of the play was the idea of humanity. That no matter what your views or beliefs are, we are all still human. The characters in this play are human, anyone who has fought in any type of war is human, no matter how wrong you think they may be. Also, I think the writers were trying to show us what happens outside of our own comfort zone and how these things are happening even now (ie. Israel and Palestine). This play all in all, shines a light into something I think everyone should be aware of and adds a human element I think everyone can relate to.

However, the play isn’t all heavy and dark. The characters are still young and still just trying to have fun and enjoy themselves. There are definitely lighter moments and even comedic moments that really gets the audience invested in the two men.

The play had seemed to have a few tech issues, but it was opening night. It also had quite a large set which was quite distracting and took my attention away from the play at certain points.

I think this play was definitely worth seeing and quite a powerful piece.

I caught up with Matthew and Bryan from The Celtic Cross after the show to chat about the show and what they like about Fringe Festivals. Listen below!

The second play I saw last night was Lies!. I posted an interview with Travis Bernhardt earlier this week and have since been very excited to see his play. I am not going to say too much about it because it is a magic show and there is the element of surprise involved. What I will say is that it was incredibly entertaining, awkwardly witty, and definitely a must-see at this year’s Fringe Fest. Click on the photo below for more venue information and show times!

– Phoenix


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