Fringe Fest Night #2: Alone

I spent the evening at St. Andrew’s School Gymnasium last night (Venue 5) for two plays. Robyn already talked about Cougar Annie Tales (which I agree was fantastic) but I also saw the play Alone.

Alone as you may have read in a previous post is a horror play that deals with exorcism and the Catholic church. An exorcist comes to aid a 14 year-old boy who is found traumatized under the altar at his church. We meet the boy a week after this incident at his school in the office of the priest who runs the school. These three characters make up the play all seeking to find answers about this traumatizing incident and if the boy is actually possessed or a victim of abuse.

I should mention now that the particular show I saw was a workshop. The acting was very powerful and each of the actors embody their characters very well. The actor who portrays the 14 year-old boy in the story stole the show. He was phenomenal, especially dealing with such touchy subject matter. The story itself deals with serious subject matter, and although there were some light points, for the most part the play was quite dark. That worked for me, however the script itself was a bit too long. There were a few monologues and discussions between the characters I felt were quite drawn out and the show itself at points dragged on.

The only thing that really drew me away from the play was that the actor who portrayed the priest did not have his part down perfectly. That is not to say he didn’t do a good job, he played the role very well, but only at the times that he was not relying on his script.

The ending of the play was great. Despite the weak point in the priest character,  it’s a very powerful piece with great actors and definitely worth seeing.

For venue and ticket information for Alone, click on the photo above.
– Phoenix


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