Earth Leader: Son of ‘Bub

When I saw Earth Leader: Son of ‘Bub on Saturday afternoon, I was pleased to discover creator-performer Richard Leon Gauthier who is new to Fringe. He has an ability to connect to the audience by being both vulnerable and charismatic on-stage.

Earth Leader tells the story of one man’s journey through abuse, addiction and mental illness. The scenes of this multimedia comedy art jump between the present, past events, stand-up comedy, music and dream sequences.

Earth Leader was often hilarious and touching, but the show faltered at some confusing and dark moments. I thought the scene enacting the rape of a boy should come with a warning as it could trigger traumatizing emotions for those who have faced similar violence.

The jumbled storyline comes to a complete arc, and Gauthier’s skill as a musician keeps the show together.

Many of the audience members really liked Earth Leader, and I look forward to seeing Gauthier’s future work.

– Robyn


One thought on “Earth Leader: Son of ‘Bub

  1. Kathleen Roxborough says:

    Richard Gauthier is a “natural” entertainer…just watch his smile when he plays the first few cords on his guitar and starts to sing. R.G. shines light on an otherwise dark subject. I thoroughly enjoyed his engaging performance. He shares his truth and I believe others with similar experiences will feel they are not alone with their secrets and hopefully gain strength to share their truth. Bravo Rich!

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