Pump Trolley Comedy Presents + Sex, Religion, and Other Hang-Ups

Last night, I caught Pump Trolley Comedy Presents at the Victoria Event Centre and Sex, Religion, and Other Hang-ups at St. Ann’s Academy.

Pump Trolley Comedy is a sketch comedy group from Vancouver. This is their first time at the Victoria Fringe, however two of their members won Pick of the Fringe last year for their improv group Hip.Bang! Improv.

Five members of Pump Trolley performed a number of skits that flowed into each other with a few recurring characters and jokes. The sketches are a combination of some new material as well as their best. Each of the members brought something to the play as a whole and had a lot of fun doing so. The sketches themselves were very clever and played on some relatable themes such as relationships and buying your first car. I don’t want to say too much as one of the fun things about comedy is the anticipation of the punchline. Overall, the show is non-stop laughs from quite a talented group and definitely something enjoyable to add to your Fringe experience.

I caught up with Nick and Alex from Pump Trolley Comedy to chat about their show and what they like about sketch comedy. Listen below!

Next, I headed down to check out Sex, Religion, and Other Hang-ups. The play is a one man show that is all James Gangl. And James Gangl is looking for a girlfriend. This show has been touring Fringe Festivals and appeared around the country to high acclaim (for good reason).

After courting the audience, he moves into a 75 minute show about himself and his troubles with sex, religion, and other hang-ups. Gangl has to face a battle between his Catholicism and his libido directed at a smart, sexy underwear model. The show focused on one point of his life in particular, but he also brought in other moments to give some context. I thought the show was an honest and quite hilarious look into this man’s life. Although he is awkward around women and lack confidence at high pressure moments, you would never guess. He delivers his monologue with a confident stride (and sometimes dance). He sometimes goes to the extreme in his jokes, mostly directed at himself, so you can’t help but laugh. I think most would enjoy him as an honest human being who is just looking for love.  I highly recommend this show.


For more venue, ticket, and showtime information, check out www.victoriafringe.com


– Phoenix


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