Spark is the new production from local dance company, Broken Rhythms Victoria. As I mentioned in a previous post, the show is based on the theme of human evolution. It begins with a spark and through dance (rhythmical contemporary), a simple cell transforms until humans become mechanized. I spoke with Dyana Sonik-Henderson about putting this show together in an earlier post if you’d like to give that a listen.

The dance at the beginning of the play that portrayed the single cell and a dance that involved ladders were the highlights of the show for me. The dancing was expressive, although at some points I was unsure at what stage of evolution the dance was trying to portray. Even if you don’t know much about dance, I think you will still appreciate the show as it was beautiful to watch. It was a creative way to tell a story and the choreography and work that went into the show is very apparent. I would say to see this show if you love dance and if you are curious to check out something new.

The last show for Spark is on September 1st at Venue 2 (Downtown Activity Centre), so be sure to grab your tickets! More information can be found by clicking on the photo above or visiting


– Phoenix



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