The Ballad of Herbie Cox

The Ballad of Herbie Cox is the new show from Australian performers Victoria Chiu and Roland Cox.

This couple, who met at a dance audition in Switzerland, are highly acclaimed dancers and performers worldwide. The inspiration to put this show together came after the birth of their son, Herbie Cox.

The show is an amalgamation of stories of their families that they gathered through interviews. They went as far back as each of their grandparents and their lives, to their own story of how they met.

The content of the play itself is a collection of wonderful stories that I think everyone can relate to on some level. Everyone has family stories and if you dig deep enough, you’ll be surprised what you can find.

The play included excerpts of recorded material, dance, piano playing, and Roland and Victoria telling stories themselves. I loved the eclectic mix of the play, between dance and spoken word. My favourite parts were when Roland and Victoria performed together as they have amazing chemistry (as they should) and their talent as dancers was very apparent. The mix of all the disciplines into one story worked as it kind of mirrored the stories themselves.

Again, my favourite parts were them performing together. There were some moments when they performed solo that worked, but I particularly loved the connection between the couple.

Last night was the premiere in Victoria, so there are still a few shows left! Check out for more information!

– Phoenix


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