Temple of Khaos: A Modern Myth

I walked into the Metro Studio on Thursday evening to see Daniel Nimmo’s Temple of Khaos: A Modern Myth. The lights were dimmed, and props were strewn across the stage. There were two sparkling hoops, two plastic horns, a laundry basket full of paper, a red throne and a phone with a ridiculously long cord. The stage’s chaotic appearance reflected show about to start.

Orchestral music filled the room and performers Daniel Nimmo, Kristian Remier, Amy J. Lester and Nicole Ratjen bound on stage in their face paint, tunics and striped stockings. Silly, overeager and vying for attention, these jesters from 10,000 years in the future tell the story of how excessive greed ultimately leads to the destruction of our society. The tale takes on mythic proportions with a primordial god Khaos, a King of the World, an Oracle and a Supernatural Princess

Temple of Khaos calls itself a mix of Game of Thrones and Monty Python, and they do embody Monty Python’s style. As the actors took on various comedic roles I found some funnier than others. Nicole Ratjen’s roles as the monster and the supernatural princess were my favorite.

As a political commentary about present day greed, I thought Temple of Khaos did not quite hit its mark. It was too hard to relate my own life to the storyline or understand who or what some of the characters were supposed to represent.

Temple of Khaos did provide hilarious self-deprecating commentary on itself. If you appreciate theatre that makes fun of theatre, this is a show for you.

Temple of Khaos plays at Metro Studio. To learn more about this show visit www.loonaticfringe.ca.

– Robyn


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