CFUV’s Picks of the Fringe

The last day of Fringe is upon us!

I took yesterday to check out two shows at the Singe Festival, Where’s My Flying Car?! and God Is A Scottish Drag Queen. Both shows were fantastic and if you have an extra moment and a few extra dollars for local theatre, tonight is the last performance!

I also made my way to see Homewrecker Hot Dogs: A Hillbilly Hip-Hopera. I won’t give a full review as last night was the final show but I hope you got out to see it! It was definitely a different piece of theatre. The fact that the two actors rapped the entire show blew me away. The story itself was kind of weak, but the silly humour, the rhymes, and the surprise bear definitely made up for it and made for an amusing experience.

I want to mention also that shows are still on for the rest of the night! Most shows have a performance today so check the schedule or visit to see what you can catch. Hanafuda Denki also had a final show added tonight at 10pm (yay!).

I want to thank Intrepid Theatre and all of the Fringe volunteers for being so awesome this year! You’ve all been extremely helpful and generous and have made this year’s festival experience a memorable one.

That all being said, of course tonight is also Pick of the Fringe at the Victoria Event Centre. Here are Phoenix’s top 10 shows (keep in mind that I did not see every show) for this year’s Fringe Festival.

Hanafuda Denki

Phoenix’s Top 10:

1. Hanafuda Denki: A Tale of Playing Cards

2. Little Lady

3. Fear Factor: Canine Edition

4. The Tenant Haimovitz

5. Lies!

6. Sex, Religion, and Other Hang-Ups

7. Love Is For Superbeasts

8. Hip. Bang! Improv

9. Dirk Darrow: NCSSI

10. Pump Trolley Comedy Presents

Robyn managed to see about 20 show, and she gave me her top 10.

Robyn’s Top 10:

1. Bookworm

2. First Day Back

3. Little Orange Man

4. Love is for Superbeasts

5. Cougar Annie

6. Slut Revolution

7. Beautiful Obedient Wife

8. The Damned Girl

9. Dirk Darrow, NCSSI

10. Redheaded Stepchild

I hope everyone had a great Fringe Festival! Thank you to all of the sponsors, Intrepid Theatre, volunteers, and all of you who go out and support local theatre. Victoria comes alive during Fringe in a way that is unique compared to any other festival during the year. I’m going to try to catch a couple more shows tonight, happy Fringe everyone!

– Phoenix


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