Victoria Fringe is back!

The season for Fringe is upon us again. The 2013 Victoria Fringe Festival kicks off this Thursday with over 50 shows from around the globe taking over the city for 10 days. This festival is celebrating it’s 27th year by taking over the city with unjuried, uncut theatre ranging from drama to comedy to clowns. Robyn Spilker and I are back again to bring you coverage of the festival including interviews, reviews, and more! Welcome to CFUV 101.9 FM’s coverage of the 2013 Victoria Fringe Festival!

2013 Victoria Fringe Festival

I am looking forward to this year’s selection of works. Each play is selected on the basis of a lottery and all of the ticket sales belong 100% to the artists. It is an affordable, fun, spontaneous, curious, and mysterious way to enjoy theatre from all over the world.

The Occupied Mind of Mr. K

I caught up with John Green, creator and writer of the play The Occupied Mind of Mr. K. This play premiered as part of Intrepid Theatre’s YOU Show program and is coming back for the Fringe Festival. This is Green’s second run in the festival, as he also wrote and created Awkward Hangouts of History last year. He returns with a comedic piece about what happens when a few friends take over the “vacant” body of a recently deceased billionaire. I caught up with John to talk about this piece earlier this year for the YOU show and what you can expect from the quirky play.

The Occupied Mind of Mr. K kicks off this Friday, August 23rd at the Metro Studio.

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