Reviews: A Day In The Life of Miss. Hiccup & Grim

I decided to begin Fringe with a show that was completely out of the box and perfectly Fringe. Besides her costume, I knew nothing else about Miss. Hiccup or what to expect from her show, A Day In The Life of Miss. Hiccup. The show contains virtually no words, a lot of music, and various sound effects to accompany the physicality of Miss. Hiccup herself. What stands out most for me from this bizarre clowning act was the fact that although it was a show for every one of any age, she definitely had a very twisted aspect to her humour. She brought out more laughs from the adult members of the audience than the children. Her ability to keep everyone entertained  She is absolutely wonderful to watch, she is confident yet silly at heart. From whoopee cushions to choreographed rain drops, Miss. Hiccup is a show that will take you on an unexpected, knee-slapping ride you don’t want to miss.

Miss. Hiccup

I followed up Miss. Hiccup with complete turn of genre and took myself to the Metro Studio for Grim. Grim is a dance show based on Grimm’s Fairy Tales and follows the story of well-known characters such as Snow White and Rumpelstiltskin. The show was dark, not only in story, but also in costume and lighting, which translated the stories to the stage impeccably. The dancers provided a program to follow along, but it was unnecessary. The dancers ability to convey the intensity of such classic characters kept me in awe and although I’ve heard the stories so many times, it was a refreshing look into the classic genre. My personal favourite was the story of the Handless Maiden, with haunting costumes and such intensity to the movement. Grim is not to be missed at Fringe this year.


I have a full evening tonight that I cannot wait for. The Birdmann opens this evening, followed by Molly Noonan’s Footprints, and finished with An Improvised Quentin Tarantino. TGIFringe!

Until next time,

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