Reviews: Geek Life

For opening night I chose my favorite venue, the Victoria Event Centre. At this popular year-round performance space, Fringers can lounge at round candle-lit tables while sipping beer, wine and cider. It’s the perfect place to relax with friends, have a drink and catch a show.

First of the night was Aji Slater’s Geek Life. Turning a common pejorative into a verb, Aji geeks juggling and clowning. This comedy-variety show follows his path from running backyard rollercoasters in Detroit, to attending clown school in San Fran, to heartbreak and beyond.

Aji has fabulous personality and energy. Add to this well-done sound production, juggling and comedy, both in the physical and verbal sense. My only wish is that Aji delve deeper into his occasional portrayal of other characters, which would make his storytelling even better.

Check out Geek Life if you want to laugh, learn about clowning and see your own geek side in a whole new way.


For show-times at the Victoria Events Centre, click here.

– Robyn


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