Reviews: Where Have All The Lightning Bugs Gone?, 2 for Tea

Two of CFUV’s guest bloggers attended performances at Fairfield Hall last night. At first, this venue in the  heart of Fairfield may seem off the beaten track, but the community’s support for theatre means it is often bustling.


Early in the evening, Trish House caught the opening of Where Have All the Lightning Bugs Gone? and provides us with the following review.

This three quarter hour show moves quite quickly giving the audience a gentle reminder of what it is like to meet someone for the first time, be mutually attracted and find the next level in a tender humorous way. Studio 58 grad Jordan Jenkins plays a young man and Phoenix Theatre grad Mika Laulainlen plays young lady. They use change of characters and ages to depict this meeting idea from many different points of view e.g. the use of another boyfriend as defense.

Mime is regularly employed by the Jordan Jenkins and copied Mika Laulainen such as in playing basketball and other activities. The central props of a garden seat, a balloon and 3 books are used throughout the play to show how one’s interest becomes another’s as relationships develop. The balloon becomes energy between the 2 players when used as a mouth or an adult reprimanding, and the books are part of the barrier between them, while the garden seat is fun for seduction, an airplane and for war scenes. Fragments of Shakespeare are teasingly thrown at each other.

Where Have All the Lightning Bugs Gone? becomes more HOW have they all gone and by the end, are just memories in their own glow.

2 for tea

In the late evening at Fairfield Hall, Kristen Cooke joined a full house for the openning of 2 for Tea.  Here is her brief review.

Life & Depth are wonderful! Jamesy perfectly physicalizes English manner(ism)s, and James is a loyal companion. A weekly ritual of tea in Jamesy’s living room is the setting for imaginary expansion into worlds beyond. They are sponsored by Tetley so bring your teacups and you can have tea with them before the show!

Thanks to both Trish and Kristen. For show-times at Fairfield Hall, click here.

– Robyn


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