Reviews: Melody Moore

Melody Moore

In a superb solo performance combining music, drama and comedy, Richard Hanna brings Thomas Moore to the stage.

Thomas Moore (1779 – 1852) is an Irish-Catholic poet, songwriter and playwright. During his life, Ireland was under English rule and Catholics were not granted full rights until 1829. While his early work is lacking in Irish tone, Moore dramatically changed his style around 1806 and started writing what would be considered great Irish songs and other patriotic works.

With only 60 minutes to tell a man’s story, Richard Hanna chooses to dramatize certain parts of the poet’s life. We see Moore’s growth as an artist as it relates to his love of women, society and country. Harp in hand, Hanna skillfully weaves serious and funny scenes of Moore’s life with the poet’s own music. Especially delightful are snippets of possible conversations with other poets of the era.

This show is perfect for those interested in Ireland or in Western literature and society from the 19th century. What makes Hanna’s performance accessible to someone without these interests is the music and humour.

Melody Moore play at the VCM Wood Hall. For show-times click here.

– Robyn


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