Reviews: Keeper

Zopyra - KEEPER 02

Zopyra Theatre’s Emma Zabloski has more drive in her solo-performance than many 4-person casts. Her style of physical, interactive theatre gets the audience laughing and taking part in activities they wouldn’t dare do on the street. It was a thrill to watch her work as she smoothly immerses viewers in her games and big imagination.

Keeper is told by Emma’s memory-keeper, an eccentric, failed bureaucrat who is responsible for recalling her host’s remembrances on command. Through her work the Keeper tells stories of Emma’s French/Ukrainian family with all their quirks, challenges and love.  However, putting Emma’s life in the forefront is not always easy for this Keeper.

Zabloski’s clever approach to autobiographical theatre is refreshing, though I also felt it constrains the story-arc. With the Keeper trapped in her work and Emma stuck with her faulty memory, the only solution is acceptance.

A last note to the many Fringers who loved Little Orange Man – Be sure to see Zabloski’s work. It has a similar-but-different style of play, imagination and audience interaction. It’s no surprise that Keeper is dramaturged by Kathleen Green, the director of Little Orange Man.

Keeper play at FairField Hall (1303 Fairfield Rd.). For showtimes click here.

– Robyn


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