Reviews: The Virgin Mary Had a Little Lamb

For The Virgin Mary Had a Little Lamb, I was thrilled to see Ana de Lara combine her acting, comedy and filmmaking skills. This one-woman show had the best incorporation of film into theatre I have seen, allowing for de Lara to add to her character acting, dialogue and use of props.

Ana de Lara plays many characters, but the story centres on Virginia. Virginia is obsessed with playing the role of the Virgin Mary in her school’s nativity play. She is crushed when denied the part, until the Virgin Mary herself starts appearing to her. Virginia discovers she has a higher purpose, to serve as the next Virgin and give birth to the son of god for the second coming.

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 11.01.44 AM

The premise of de Lara’s s performance makes for a funny, original show, though it does not lend itself to character growth. The characters and their relationships end up where they started, almost.

There is a vein of craziness that runs through the show. I found it best at its extreme, when characters break past unwavering truths into absurdities, like when Santa provides backup for the Virgin.

I enjoyed this show and especially recommend it for those who want to see theatre and film combined in innovative ways.

The Virgin Mary Had a Little Lamb plays at Fairfield Hall (1303 Fairfield Rd.). For showtimes click here.

– Robyn


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