Reviews: Invisible Magic Dust


Michael Ross is in the middle of performing bits for a charity telethon, and he’s being interviewed about his life’s work – magic, art and performance.

A skilled professional performer, Ross’s magic and many of his personal stories are exquisite. A few of stories were more difficult for me to appreciate. This is in part because personalities are referred to from his generation and show business community. As a younger viewer unconnected to his community, it feels as though I’m missed the richness to the story. Also occasionally stories and answers to interview questions felt unwieldy, as though they would benefit from further sculpting of their verbal and physical delivery.

But do not get me wrong – the material is gold. There is a tender heart at the centre of Invisible Magic Dust, which gives touching reflections on magic, love, performance and life.

Plus on Sunday evening Ross had a tough crowd, yet he handled the audience interactions beautifully. While I liked some parts of the performance more than others, many viewers loved it. I especially recommend this show for performers and magic lovers.

Invisible Magic Dust plays at the VCM Wood Hall. For show-times click here.

– Robyn

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