Reviews: Ionesco’s “The Lesson”

Last night, I made my way to the Downtown Activity Centre for a performance of Eugene Ionesco’s “The Lesson.” The play itself was first performed in 1951 and falls into the wonderful category of Theatre of the Absurd. Ionesco is a classic playwright in this genre and local Victoria group Dandelion Theatre chose to take on this anti-play for the Fringe Festival.

This comedy, with a hint of drama, was impeccably performed by the trio of Dandelion Theatre. The play follows a descent into near madness in the manner of a quite non-sensical school lesson. However, the story seems to be more of a commentary on totalitarian regimes. As Theatre of the Absurd goes, it is a common theme for all communication to break down throughout a piece which is exactly what happens through this oddball linguistic lesson. The actor that stood out for the most was that of the Professor (Eric Grace) whose physicality and delivery of his descent into a mad state was very skilful. The rest of the cast brought out their characters quite well and make for quite a lively piece with a dark twist. Although this play is not the usual Fringe piece, I would recommend this piece for anyone looking for a quirky laugh.

The Lesson

I am looking forward to The Last Show You Will Ever See and Vital Signs tonight! Happy Fringe!

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