Reviews: Swimming with Piranhas


Writer-performer Colette Nichol is Maggie, an abrasive self-professed asshole. She’s a wealthy television star, but any flickers of happiness are extinguished by a diagnosis of cancer.

In an effort to tell her mom about the illness, she joins her on an adventure into the Amazon rainforest. She enters the heart of decay and life as she comes to grips with her situation.

Maggie may be trying at times, but she has a rich inner-life and sardonic sense of humour. She sees the details and flaws not only in the world, but also in herself. Her angst is easier to take than her sulkiness, but hey, she has a potentially fatal illness.

Nichol brings in her knowledge of the tropical rainforest and Ecuador, where she lived for 5 years. The Amazon and its inhabitants play the other to Maggie’s world. The contrast exposes Western society’s tendency to control, ignore and pave over death.

I greatly enjoyed Swimming with Piranhas. It plays at the Langham Court Theatre. For showtimes click here.

– Robyn


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