Reviews: The Last Show You’ll Ever See

The Last Show You’ll Ever See is a quirky, clownish, musical show billed as the last show before the impending apocalypse. Drawing from mythology and various conspiracies and fictions, the main character faces the possibility and her fear of the end of the world. The shows plays with the character’s physicality and pantomime, using her body as the main prop to send the audience into the various stories and theories being hurriedly tossed out.

The Last Show You'll Ever See

The clownish nature of the lead character and her quirky naivety built the show for me and was the most entertaining factor. A trombone concert was loosely thrown in to tie in the edges of the plot, carrying the audience to the ultimate end. Her sense of humour mixed clowning with childish wonder and a dash of Steve Urkel. For those looking for their inner child in the comedy while still maintaining a thoughtful and mildly dark look into the idea of life no longer, this show is for you. The leading lady is does a wonderful job of bringing stories to life through pantomime and her body language that makes for a fun show.

Tonight, I am very excited for the Ryuzanji Company-Rakujuku’s Twelfth Night at the Metro Studio. Last year, they stole the Fringe for me with their silent hit Hanafuda Denki. This version of their theatre company is for seniors with the average age of 61. I’m excited to see how they play out this Shakespeare comedy in traditional Kabuki style. Happy Fringe!



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