Reviews: Forget Me Not

As the sold out audience at St. Ann’s Academy filtered out after the performance, I thought to myself, this is the show that will steal the Fringe. Forget Me Not is the new play from performance poet, comedian, and “reformed” psychiatric nurse Rob Gee. Gee is not new to the Fringe, and has toured the world with sold-out performances of shows such as Fruitcake and SmartArse. His new show takes a look into the controversial world of elderly dementia care through the lens of seven characters. The show is built around a murder mystery who-dun-it that is laugh out loud outrageous. The murder takes place in the dementia ward, which if you can imagine, becomes a bit of challenge when it comes to questioning the suspects.

Forget Me Not

Throughout the performance there are often heavy moments that point out various issues from each perspective, that is taking care of patients with often no mind left and violent tendencies in a respectful manner that maintains their dignity. I left the show with a smile on my face but it did make me think even more about my Grandmother in a dementia ward and her day-to-day life. I think this look into the world of dementia is unique and almost a relief in the midst of so many stories regarding this disease. Although tragic, there is a sunny side (if you will), and Rob Gee brings it out in a perfect way. This show is entertaining front to back, wonderfully written, and brilliantly executed. If you have not experienced Rob Gee as a performer, now is definitely the time.

Tonight is my final evening at the Fringe (for reviewing purposes), and I will be at Fairfield Hall enjoying a performance of Bursting Into Flames. Stay tuned for a few more reviews and our Picks of the Fringe!



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