Reviews: Bursting Into Flames

I spent my evening for the first time this year at Fairfield Hall.  The play is performed and created by Martin Dockery, the same writer and creator of Wanderlust. I decided not to read anything about this show before walking in and had absolutely no idea what I was to expect from this play. The play is a one person show told from the point of view of a man in heaven. He is exuberant and cannot wait to tell you how amazing heaven is. As the story unfolds, we learn more and more about the cans and cannots of this supposed paradise and how the people there spend their days. Dockery’s character is over-the-top and full of constant excitement and happiness at his current situation. Dockery’s excitement in his voice, although useful for most of the play, was occasionally overdone. Even when things aren’t going as he planned, he still manages to keep a smile and stay positive. However, through this semi-crazy happiness Dockery maintains, there is a dark streak to heaven. I kept on thinking through the show, what’s the catch? The lighting through the show emphasized the fall into darkness throughout the show and emphasizes the characters complete madness as he struggles to maintain his reality.

Bursting Into Flames

The show was a hilarious, unhinged yet clever ride through heaven that is a highlight of the Fringe Festival this year. This weekend I am catching a couple shows I missed over the week including Syphilis: A Love Story at Langham Court Theatre and Twelfth Night In Kabuki Style at the Metro Studio. Stay tuned for CFUV’s Picks of the Fringe!

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