Reviews: Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Handsom Cab Killer

Sherlock and Handom Cab

Minion Productions of Seattle Washington get lots of laughs with this farcical twist on the Sherlock Holmes canon.

When a dead body is found where a handsom cab keeps mysteriously disappearing and reappearing, Sherlock Holmes springs into action to solve the case. But imagine that Holmes and Dr. Watson’s success is actually thanks to their ingenious housekeeper Mrs. Hudson and her attractive sidekick Winifred. While Sherlock thinks really hard at the local pub, Hudson is scouring the scene of the crime and questioning community members.

The strength of this show is the comedy, set and costumes. The excellent production allows for three actors to play over 10 characters, and the costume changes reach an absurdly brilliant level. The stream of silly characters and jokes had me laughing, and some of the best moments were improvised.

While funny, Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Handsom Cab Killer is quite long at 75 minutes. Also, I found that it was hard to follow the way the mystery unravels, but I also have limited experience with mysteries.

I recommend this show for Sherlock Holmes fans and those looking for a lighthearted laugh. Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Handsom Cab Killer plays at St. Ann’s Academy Auditorium. For showtimes click here.

– Robyn


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