Fringe 2014!

Victoria Fringe Festival

The 2014 Victoria Fringe Festival kicks off this week with over 50 performances of live comedy, dance, spoken word, magic, and more. The Fringe Block Party will get everyone going this Wednesday at Centennial square and includes previews of many of the shows.

I am excited to be a part of Fringe again this year with Robyn and CFUV. You can check back here for interviews with artists, reviews, and more fun stuff as the festival gets started.

I have had the chance to speak with some of the performers so far and am very excited for what the festival has to offer this year. Sarah and Oscar, by Windwhistle Theatre from northern California, tells the story of Irish writer Oscar Wilde and his friendship with French actress Sarah Bernhardt. As two of the most famous people in the late 19th century, Wilde and Bernhardt were also friends and collaborators. Mark Lyon and Marion Jeffery took on these characters to bring audiences the story of their intertwined lives, struggles, and triumphs. Mark and Marion visited me in the CFUV studio this weekend to chat about their experience with these characters. Listen below!

Sarah and Oscar kicks off this Thursday at the Victoria Event Centre. For full venue and ticket information, visit the Victoria Fringe website.

Stay tuned for more as the excitement of Fringe begins!

Until next time,


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