Dave Morris’ IMPROV CLUB is darkly funny and compelling, leading you into the mind of writer Chuck Palahniuk. A new story is carved every night that resembles Palahniuk’s works, such as Survivor, Choke, Lullaby and Fight Club.

improv_club-160x160Haven’t read Palahniuk? Don’t worry. If you enjoy horror, satire, morbid humour and improv this is the show for you. Enter the American underbelly and the grotesque inner workings of characters who never quite fit into society. Be prepared to laugh then feel uncomfortable by what just made you laugh. The show may take two steps two far but only to reflect Palahniuk’s work.

Morris adeptly mimics the writing styles of Palahniuk while giving the show a humorous twist. The first show was rough, with Morris ill-prepared for certain characters and themes. Also this dark improv structured in media res, so the story starts at a dramatic midpoint, is not easy. In taking on the challenge, Morris shows his talent and willingness to be vulnerable on-stage. I expect the show will only improve as it progresses through this year’s Fringe.

This article was co-written by Aaren Topley & Robyn Spilker. IMPROV CLUB plays at the Victoria Event Centre. For showtimes click here


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