Rope of Sand

Rope of Sand

After visiting Improv Club last night, I made my way to the Downtown Activity Centre. Rope of Sand is a production by local theatre company workingclasstheatre. Written by Tristan Bacon and Alyssa Kostello, the story is simple. Two people meet, fall in love, and then life happens and choices need to be made. A mixture often used in modern culture, it is easy to create a forgettable story. The story of David and Tracy starts off in the same place most do, a social setting over drinks, but slowly as the play unfolds, it is easy to see the writers created something unforgettable in context and execution. The writers creatively set the piece somewhere tropical, had dialogue that was relatable and witty, and forced the audience to look back on themselves while watching the characters unfold. The blocking and the mysterious character of “D” is what stands out most in this play. Local actor Nicholas Yee steals the show and does an incredible job of keeping the play light and on its feet while still bringing truth out of his character. The way the three actors use the venue is perfect and creates a quick pace that moves the story along in a way that keeps you sitting forward for 50 minutes. Rope of Sand is a great getaway for anyone looking for something young, light, and local in this year’s Fringe.

In case you missed it, you can listen to my interview with the cast below:

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