The New Conformity

Many people find joy in changing and adapting, and others take pride in holding to their ways. Implied Intuition’s contemporary circus explores pressures to conform to social norms and trends. The show begins with uniform juggling, which is quickly disturbed. As in the social world conformist trends are not created by a top-down authority. Instead, each juggler influences norms through their tendency to conform, imitate, police, resist and innovate.


The New Conformity features the fun theatrics and impressive juggling of Yuki Ueda, Chris Murdoch, Sean Brossard and Sia Metta. From early adapter to laggard, each juggler innovates in his own way. Momentum builds as each man’s persona slowly surfaces through their juggling, physical theatre and music choices.

From working in radio I am always drawn to uses of audio in productions, and I loved how juggling was choreographed to diverse musical choices. Yet the audio transitions, including how the music sometimes abruptly moved from quiet to loud, were distracting at times.

You don’t need experience with circuses or juggling to enjoy The New Conformity. As someone who knows little about these topics, I was thoroughly entertained. This theatrical circus had the audience laughing and clapping, bringing them to their feet at the end.

The New Conformity plays at the Metro Studio. For showtimes click here.

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