Magical Mystery Detour

Magical Mystery Detour

I unfortunately missed a show last night due to my inability to arrive at a venue fast enough, so I was only able to catch the opening performance of Magical Mystery Detour by Gemma Wilcox. I had previously spoken to the performer while she was at the Edmonton Fringe about her show and what Victoria can expect. Before the show, I had only recently heard of her previous work that has won awards all over the continent. All I knew walking in was that I was going to watch Wilcox’s character of Sandra take a journey that would follow some twists and turns. What I didn’t expect was the well-crafted one woman show that not only told a story, but proved to be one of the most relatable pieces of theatre I have seen in a long time.

Sandra is a single woman with a career, friends, a dog, and a seemingly normal life. The audience learns early on that her mother has recently passed, and this is clearly a weight Sandra carries. Wilcox’s performance was not just of Sandra but of many other characters including people, inanimate objects, and various animals. The other characters brought humour to the piece but also brought the audience closer to the performance. The play was full of truth with a magnifying glass directed at the insecurities of your mid-30s, and was easy to connect to. The play altogether was more light than heavy, with plenty of laughs through the characters and Sandra’s quirks. It was just plain entertaining to watch Wilcox perform and I think is definitely a play to see at this year’s Fringe.

In case you missed it, you can listen to my interview with Gemma below:

Magical Mystery Detour continues at the Downtown Activity Centre from August 26th-31st.

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