Yesterday, a trip to Wood Hall and St. Ann’s Academy finished off my adventures at the 2014 Victoria Fringe Festival.

James Jordan

Vaudevillian is James Jordan, a clever magician from Calgary. I have a hard time reviewing magic shows because I don’t want to give away any of the surprise that makes a magic show so enthralling. Jordan is a gifted entertainer and magician, with a show I felt primarily geared towards a younger audience. With that in mind, he was still mindful of the adults and through his various tricks, was still able to capture the crowd. You can tell he has spent his time busking and perfecting his stage persona, as his work has definitely paid off to the audience’s benefit. His performance is a few things you have never seen before, and a couple you have, and mostly a well-rehearsed, entertaining escape for your afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander are David Ladderman and Lizzie Tollemache respectively, two performers from New Zealand ready to take you back to the late 19th century and the world of sideshows and psychics. The world they create is far from our own, a world where telepathy and spiritualism is all the rage, and everyone is crowding for a taste of these performing magicians. The performers brilliantly shift in character and out making use of the entire space of the St. Ann’s auditorium and their own skills as magicians to suspend the audience in this alternate world. The entire show leads up to one moment with the final trick, the possum trap, and one final spectacle. The duo have a seamless connection on stage and are an absolute thrill to watch. Their show plays with the audience quite a bit, creating a unique atmosphere, and transforms the St. Ann’s Academy into a town hall circa 1890. Mr. and Mrs. Alexander is one of my favourites of Fringe this year, and with one show left, could be yours too!

Vaudevillian and Mr. and Mrs. Alexander each have one show remaining. You can check out Vaudevillian at the Wood Hall at 6:15pm and Mr. and Mrs. Alexander at St. Ann’s Academy at 7:30pm.

In case you have not voted yet, make sure to head to the Victoria Fringe website for Pick of the Fringe. This year, the ballots are online, and you have your chance to pick your favourite shows this year. The voting is open until 5pm and you can only vote once! The Pick of the Fringe awards are tonight at 10pm at the Fringe Club. Don’t miss out!

That finishes off the blog for me this year. Huge thanks to Intrepid Theatre and all their staff and volunteers (including the billets!) for putting on yet another amazing festival.

Until next year,



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