Selkie Tales

Yesterday afternoon, I took a venture to Selkie Tales. I had heard a lot of word on the street about this Scottish duo, so I was very excited to see the hype myself.

Selkie TalesI always find it inviting when performers are there to greet you as the audience takes a seat before the show. It sets up this feeling as if you are a part of the show and it’s more of an experience rather than a performance. Selkie Tales is exactly what the title implies. That is, a few stories, one of which includes a Selkie, told by two people. The atmosphere was that of a bedtime tale told by your favourite childhood babysitter complete with costume changes and various set pieces to aid your imagination. Their performance leaves a lot to be imagined, but the simplicity is key to the whole piece. They take you to the sea, on a boat, deep underwater, and yet you feel as if you travel with them the entire time. They are charming performers and with the aid of some acrobatic tricks, the entire show is quite a pleasant experience. Selkie Tales brings to life the folklore of Scotland and is something sweet and magical to check out this Fringe Festival.

Selkie Tales by Voicebox Theatre continues from August 27th-30th at the Metro Theatre.

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